There is a art show being put on at a sound stage in Bushwick, NY that I have work in. If your in town, you should come by for the opening. Its at 120 Ingraham on July 9th. There are 5 other film maker/artists showing work and screening films as well, and I hear there is even gonna be wine and cheese. So say cheese and come look at some art. Starts around 7pm. Heres some new paintings I did for it:


the son

the holy ghost

Trina Round 2

I found some photos of my awesome friend Trina that I haven’t yet posted. So here they are…



I got an all expense paid trip to Bonnaroo because I shot this comedy film that my friend Randy Foreman directed. And the film got into the Bonnaroo film festival. Hotels, planes, food, backstage passes…all free. I was excited because free is always fun, plus some of my favorite bands were playing.

Welcome to Bonnaroo.

A lot of people came.

I saw a lot of people pass out from heat, drugs, booz, and sleepyness. Someone passed out and fell over down there.

Excited fans.

Grizzly Bear killed it.

All kinds of kewl people came.

This is the director himself. Randy.

Keeping kewl in the heat of Tennessee.


The food at the stands were good, but pricey.

People kept slipping in the slippery mud.

Fans watched Bruce Springsteen…Lovebryan’s favorite.

This is where aliens abducted people, all kinds of fun things to do at Bonnaroo.

On my way home.

Finally back..

Me: Wanna skate Brett?
Brett: I’m down

Here is the film that brought me there: Kids Play.

The Axe Fetish

Today brings you another commercial but were not industry kids, were in-da-street kids. So any attempt of making money is always worth the process. But it’s a fun process of course. This commercial was a spec I directed for Axe Hair Gel. I got the idea one Sunday afternoon, shot it Monday night, and had a final commercial by Tuesday. I casted my room mate/fellow lovebryan poster boy Brett Nelson and I casted a girl named Christine from

Monday afternoon before the shoot, I took Brett out and got him a total make over. He shaved his beard angrily, he got a haircut at Alley Cat in Brooklyn frustratedly, and I made him wear all my dorkiest clothes which he also didn’t like. But it was all worth it because it gave him the right look, and I think they could almost be a real couple, but only in TV Land. After the commercial was over and done I sent it to the actress and she didn’t want her name on it at all. She said something about it affecting her acting career. I didn’t know how to take that. Anyways, here are the pics I took during the shoot. And the final product.

Most nights end with a kiss, but this is how this night started. Which means your in for a treat.
Waiting around for things to get set up is kinda awkward for actors, even when your all naked and stuff.

The gel entered the hair gracefully. Brett took it like a man and looked her straight in the eyes. Ps: Brett hates gel as much as he hates Axe. Sorry Axe.


Brett conquers TV Land. What will he conquer next?
Here’s the commercial:


I gotta a few music videos coming soon. Stay tuned!