A Jamaican Communion

I was the event fotographer for a Jamaican communion and I didn’t even know what a communion was till I got there. But the food was amazing and the people I got to photograph were so cool and photogenic. Assisted by Mario Sandoval


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9 Responses to “A Jamaican Communion”

  1. 1 pppppp

    sooooooo tite!

  2. 2 pp

    twins is my favorite, all is ridiculously goood.

  3. 3 lafleur

    these set is stunning, really. along with the one below. way to blow me away…

  4. 4 sandy

    so fucking good.

  5. 5 bryan

    You can shoot my bar mitzvah.

  6. 6 danilo

    i\'ll shoot your allah mitzvah.

  7. 7 Mike

    fuckin stellar. The twins are my favorites too.

  8. 8 brett

    danilo is his own boss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck everybody else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! killing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 9 veasey

    #12 made me think of Diane Arbus’ ‘Identical Twins’ (http://www.artphotogallery.org/02/artphotogallery/database/peter_gasser_da01.jpg) right off the bat.

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