Here is my party time post

Poems from Israel

There is this strange painting in the room Bryan and I are sharing and I always look at it and the weird title it has so I made a poem about it:

Ur life shitz me lame,
a crane to a higher brain,
time sets over Margrets mane
Ur life shitz me lame

A gift to an after thought
An immediate taste
in a hanging snot
the rotting surface of a melting pot
Ur life shitz me lame

Sheets cringe
when the hole is used
somewhat bloody
somewhat bruised
a crackling bone
no life to choose
Ur life shitz me lame

here is another one just cause i was in the flow of things:

An eye hole,
my eye stole,
a captured moments grin.

you noticed
a breast upon a sin

I fleeted,
you seated,
your private guest of lust.

she’s open
to a wordless game of trust