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Foto by Francis

foto by Francis…

some of the other pictures on my roll i cant share yet because of an ongoing project im doing on jews in brooklyn. but these R cool too!

i took a duke shot with my medium format camera.

i also took a spectators shot with it.

the morning after chills…my roomate amy and new friend wiley

a girl i once knew is now gone.

spike jonz in the house

A friend of mine named Charles told Bryan and I about a guy named Duke who built a submarine and was going to launch it on friday. His mission was to try and get as close to the queen mary 2 cruise liner before the cops come and take him away. Bryan went on a skate tour with Pat Odell so I ended up going on this interesting mission alone to cover the launch. The launch was also documented by the New York times video crew and photo crew. I met them and they were very nice. They gave me an extra tape and even a ride home at the end of the day. So when I got home The New York Daily News contacted me somehow, and wanted to meet with me right away. I agreed and they came over to my house 10 minutes later. They wanted to interview me and see the stuff i documented. They offered me a great some of money for stills from my footage and told me my photos would be in the new the next day. Then I thought to sell some footage to channel 4 news. And my footy was on the news by 11pm. A crazy day. So here are some stills from my video I’m working on and might pitch to…also my front page shot in the new york daily newspaper.

Duke and his Submarine.

Duke prepares his Sub for his adventure.

Duke speaks his last words before setting off. And my cover photo in the daily news.

My cover shot…bastards didnt tell me they were gonna use the photo to make fun of Duke. The english journalist who interviewed me might have taken offense to Dukes challenge of the english ship. Who knows.

Duke goes in and closes the latch.

Off he floats past the statue of Liberty and his liberty is taken as he hears the cops coming. He opens the latch to see what trouble he is in for.

The Queen Mary, the Duke, the cops. So close…

Cops coming.

Spectators watching…

Police have guns and want Dukes Sub for investigation.

Guns and copters….

Duke looks like a mixture of Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson…natural born action hero.

Duke got arrested for a few hours but was let go at the end of the day. Court day on the 28th. Duke knew what he was in for…and the publicity was more than he could ask for. I called Duke later that night and he was fine. I told him to watch the news but he said his tv was busted cause he spends all his money on submarines. Check the new york times or any news website for more info. ciao amigos….

his name is Gerhard Richter…and i was interested by his photography and how it gave a surreal look. so i decided to do some experimental photos. i made a lens for some. and used a strobe light for some of the other fotos. and everything else is normal. i need to tune up my lens and work more on my strobe light effects but i think something cool might happen when i fine tune some of these tricks. take a look.

This is what crossing the border should be like.