this woman is a film maker who needed some shots of her for promotional reasons, and i got paid. there okay, but my check was dope. jk. thanks for looking

just a poem

i was stood up by this girl the other night and felt bad so i wrote a poem about it. common i aight that emo.

Night of the Elephant

my feelings were hurt,
my heart was crushed.
it was like my chest was hit,
by and elephant tusk

then she left a message
and said she was too drunk
then her nose probably grew
like an elephant trunk

she said please forgive me
lets have another date
then my heart grew heavy
like an elephants weight

and i forgave her
how about another try
it takes more than despair
to make an elephant cry

i never used acrylics till this hurr painting and i like it. i’ll be selling it for $1,000,000,000 plus tax. sighck!

the bathub fotos are hott right now since my brothers arm popped outa socket. i took care of him and took fotos. and i followed my kitties around. cross your fingers for my brothers arm socket. ciao

Brian forced me to upload these picity pics. hope maybe someone looks at em.
PS: i slamed on my skateboard today after some serious speed wobblies.
it was like trying to ride the rodeo and let me tell ya, the bull won and i think i must have slid like 20 feet no joke. lucky i was wearing
some tuff materials that let me slid like i did.
maybe i’ll post some wound pics cause there pretty bad. but i ended up sliding
and stopping at the right spot because a really nice girl helped
me who i later on found out that she is into cinematography like me.
but she goes to the art institute. it was weird how sometimes you fall where your suppose too. aight i said enough. ciao

more pictures of my clay neighbors secret lifestyle.


these are some awesome clay people that live next to me