bike kill

Bike Kill happened back in October. I shot the bikes for Wired and I shot the chaos for myself. It’s pure pedal-powered madness. Riders brave a gauntlet of foam skulls and cocks on bikes barely rideable. Then there’s the six-pack attack followed by a food fight. Mix in some broken bones and jousting and you’ve got yourself a mighty fine block party.

80 proof

As part of the job in Europe and Russia, we toured a few factories that make or bottle alcohol. Here’s a little glimpse at the tedious, sterile environments that make the firewater that makes you crazy.

now russia

St. Petersburg.

Then and now.

I met some young punk kids in the park and they really wanted to take me to a place called Castle Hill. I imagined it would be something akin to the Moontower from Dazed and Confused for Russian punks and metal heads.

We journeyed all over town and stopped at a pellet gun range.

Castle Hill turned out to be nothing more than a head shop with spiked bracelets and Zeppelin posters. Cool, but not what I was hoping for. Maybe it’s telling of Russia’s current capitalist embrace that this store is the holy grail for young punks.

Still, many thanks to my gracious tour guides.


dear comrade