I think this has been the longest time in between posts on this blog since lovebryan started. Sorry for that. I’ve been travelling all month. Still am. I’ve made a couple good photos, and these aren’t them. Just a little filler.

ringers and leaners

I had such a perfect time in North Carolina this year. The God Went Surfing crew put on a photo show. Friends and family. Swimming in the mountains. Peanut butter tofu and sweet potato fries. It was one beautiful breath of fresh air.

My little sister took me to this rope swing not far from Mom’s house. I’ve done dozens of rope swings in my day, but I cannot begin to express how gnarly this one was.

And the best part was that my little sister did it before I did. She’s a badass and I couldn’t be more proud (well, maybe a little).

Jacob curated our photo show. He’s a champ.

Love this dude. He’s in Southeast Asia right now making really good photographs.

Mike took this one.

Double ringer.

Blue hour.

I’ve been fortunate to start working with a German magazine called LOOP. They allow me a lot of artistic license.

The September 2008 cover comes from a photo from a fateful night in September 2007.

These diptychs are in the opening pages of the magazine and represent my interpretation of two contrary ideas. This is Remember & Forget.

This is Hold On & Let Go.

labor day

I was looking over photos from August and realized that almost everything I shot was for work of some kind. I decided that Labor Day was gonna be for me–lots of shooting, zero working. I packed up and went to the Bronx with a crew of lovable misfits. This is nothing more than friendship, weeping willows and golden light. Sometimes it’s all you need.