fade to black

On June 1st, I awoke to a new roommate. The miserable, charming Bailey Hunter Robinson. His room is full of antique scissors, rusted straight-razors, taxidermied reptiles and two stuffed pheasants. Anyway, the other night he returned from the local watering hole three sheets to the wind and spent a good half-hour mopping our floor with his head.

In his sober hours he’s a very talented tattoo artist. Check out Bailey Robinson Tattoo.

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6 Responses to “fade to black”

  1. 1 momo

    haha is this one of the important projects you were talking about

  2. 2 drew

    awesome shots!more BW photos plzzzz

  3. 3 layne

    these did turn out amazing…..its even better if you hear the story before seeing the photos.

  4. 4 Mike

    That is one tatooed man.

  5. 5 Bryce


  6. 6 spencer

    wow. nice set man.. the shot of the dude between the two people on the bed is amazing man. the contrast with the black and white works really well with the subject matter. and the expressions on eveyones face in that foto is perfect.

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