One of the best parts of working in Israel was the crew. Alex, Danilo and Chase are some of the best dudes I’ve ever had traveled with. This is an ode to them.

Danilo was the designated underwater cameraman. He even got over his fear of snakes in the Mediterranean. He was the all-time good vibe guy (except when he peed in the bomb shelter). Also, you can’t make ice tea as dope as him.

Chase played lead guitar. He also filmed the movie. He was usually pretty salty before 1pm but by midnight he was ready to kick out the jams, mothefucker.

Alex often wore a tie. He directed things and usually ruined his hummus with an egg.

We also made some good friends. Arthur was informant, surf coach and local celebrity.

Jungo was special ops and took us to all the dangerous destinations.

Nikki Scoggins was our favorite southern belle who came from the States to keep an eye on the Israeli plumber.

Abi was our PA/chef.

Anna was our nighttime activities director.

Our project is long from over but I’m already psyched for the next one.