It had been almost half a year since I shot the Metropolis Wrestling Federation’s first event before they invited me back to the church bingo hall to shoot again. How could I say no to MadDog, Lucifer Darkside and Ron “The Last Outlaw” Price?

Thanks to Boy Scout Troop #996 for sponsoring the event.

Ron “The Last Outlaw” Price and a fan.

MadDog and Tiberias faced off yet again in a chain match.

Ron “The Last Outlaw” Price’s promoter watched on as he faced Lucifer Darkside for the Heavyweight Title.

The match ended on a technicality and with little fanfare.

fade to black

On June 1st, I awoke to a new roommate. The miserable, charming Bailey Hunter Robinson. His room is full of antique scissors, rusted straight-razors, taxidermied reptiles and two stuffed pheasants. Anyway, the other night he returned from the local watering hole three sheets to the wind and spent a good half-hour mopping our floor with his head.

In his sober hours he’s a very talented tattoo artist. Check out Bailey Robinson Tattoo.

rhode trip

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. Alex Porta is the best dude out there. He invited a group of us up to his folks’ beach house in Rhode Island. It was a perfectly relaxing couple of days consisting of a late night BBQ, 50 degree skivvy swim and plenty of Steve the French bulldog.

a bromantic getaway

One of the best parts of working in Israel was the crew. Alex, Danilo and Chase are some of the best dudes I’ve ever had traveled with. This is an ode to them.

Danilo was the designated underwater cameraman. He even got over his fear of snakes in the Mediterranean. He was the all-time good vibe guy (except when he peed in the bomb shelter). Also, you can’t make ice tea as dope as him.

Chase played lead guitar. He also filmed the movie. He was usually pretty salty before 1pm but by midnight he was ready to kick out the jams, mothefucker.

Alex often wore a tie. He directed things and usually ruined his hummus with an egg.

We also made some good friends. Arthur was informant, surf coach and local celebrity.

Jungo was special ops and took us to all the dangerous destinations.

Nikki Scoggins was our favorite southern belle who came from the States to keep an eye on the Israeli plumber.

Abi was our PA/chef.

Anna was our nighttime activities director.

Our project is long from over but I’m already psyched for the next one.

Some more Israel.

terry poison

Some of our crew saw Terry Poison perform one night and decided that we should do a side project about them. Four beautiful girls (Louise, Petit, Anna and Gili) and one dude (Bruno) dancing around in spandex and playing electric music: What’s not to love?

We caught up with them on the night of Israeli Independence Day where they played a concert for 5000 smoking teenagers.

There were horses and a trampoline backstage.


We stayed in touch with the girls and they proved to be the most fun in all of Tel Aviv. Thanks, TP.