punkin patch

I went to the punkin patch with Lyssa and Bailey to get some good carvin’ punkins.

Bailey got decorative corn and gourds for his apartment.


Too much fun and too much nice exhausts Bailey.

Suzette made me a lovebryan jack-o-latern.

Crip punkin. He’s got platinum fronts but it’s hard to tell. Noelle’s idea.

Craig Murphey is everywhere.

I love Halloween.

party rap

This was the last of the Colt Tales parties.

Yip Yip.

The Mall.



Miss you.

Purple Crush.

ridin’ wild again

I took far too many photos on that trip. Here are some outtakes and some black & white film for your viewing displeasure.

See Dinosaur Jr.’s Green Mind.

other folks’ vacation

I’m fairly certain there has been a friend visiting NY everyday since May with the exception of no more than three off-days. Here’s what it looked like when Cameron and Brian and Josh visited.

Cameron moved to Mozambique for two years. Good for him, bummer for the rest of us.

Ty was on tour and we stopped by to check out their show.

Dang, Hallie Chen!

It was as much fun as it looks.

Josh Unger is a free spirit.

That door leads to Mozambique. This is the last image of Cameron for two years. Bless bless.

Josh and Brian stuck around. That was a 10lb. lollie.

We rode bikes to the Cloisters up at W 3013th St where Manhattan meets the North Pole.

It’s beautiful up there.

And you thought dance parties out of the car were just for 16 year old girls…

Oh yeah, the hump the interior move.

Senior Psyched.

We got a letter in the mail from Domino’s announcing the release of the Oreo Cookie Dessert Pizza. I did some research and discovered it was vegan. But it wasn’t until we found a Domino’s on W 2544th St that I found out it was delicious.

If this was a postcard it was say “Greetings from the Gateway to Jersey!”

On the bike ride back we saw a family around a fire on the bank of the Hudson. Pa was fishing, Ma was stoking the coals to cook the fish and lil’ girl was waiting to eat that fish.

Another reason New York is rad.


These are the singles I collected in the month of September. They have no home.


We were just rolling down the street when I realized we were experiencing a Bats For Lashes moment.

Miss Pat.

The guy must’ve hit the gas a little too hard and busted out the glass of a bus shelter.

Poor guy. See the blood.

Daily miso.

LES End of Summer Jam.

El Gallo.

He’s been pimping his ride for 20 years.

A friend of mine brought his new painting to show off. The dogs are his but dinosaurs are from his imagination.

I’ve appointed myself his art dealer, so anyone seriously interested in buying this painting can contact me with offers.