One of my many jobs in New York is to film Practice Space for VBS.TV. Basically we go to various bands’ practice spaces and get a private show and a short interview. It’s totally rad.

O’Death’s episode launched today and actually sparked the idea for this entry. They practice in Queens and play punk-as-fuck americana. I’m a fan.

They look to Ghostface for inspiration. All praise Ironman.

Their space is a shed in the backyard, complete with wash tub and saw blades.

Greg almost swallows the mic a lot.

At one point, they broke into the theme song to Full House. Not sure why.

This is a little behind-the-scenes peek at Jake the director’s reconnaisance mission for beer without getting in the shot.

Ryan Duffy really likes to ask all the members about their secret crushes. He’s a total gossip.

Lissy Trullie & The Fibs
I love these kids. The Lissy episode came out last week and the songs are super catchy.

Lissy’s a busy girl. It’s hard playing music and running the LES.

When we arrived the band was just called Lissy Trullie, but at this very moment they decided to become Lissy Trullie & The Fibs.

Watch out for these ones.

Sam Champion
The SamChamp episode is still be edited but look for it soon.

This is the photo for the Practice Space ad in the new Vice.

He played three songs like that.

“So this one time, we were hanging out with, like, twelve hookers…”

“Remember that time you played with the antler box on your head? That was awesome!”

I think The Walkmen episode was the first shoot I went on and one of the bigger bands that we’ve featured. They’re pretty chill guys but their studio gets really damn loud.

There’s a hippoeqsue mural in their midtown space.

Stay tuned.