TV on the Radio played a free show at McCarren Pool in Brooklyn. It rained.

There’s usually a line that lasts blocks for these shows, but we walked right in and were among the few willing to brave the rain.

We did a little more than brave the rain. Stein flies on the slip ‘n’ mutherfucking slide!

The other side of the stage has a dodgeball court. It was extra intense with slippery balls.

It only really rained during the opening bands.

This was the most beautiful moment of the entire event.

By the time TV on the Radio went on, the crowds came out the umbrellas went away.

Aw sweet, right? No way! These kids were slopping all over each other from the minute we walked in three hours earlier. Everyone around them was making faces of disgust. Look beyond the romance and have some dignity.

Other than that it was a great show.