last days of august

Summer has sped by like a plumber’s van through the night.

Moving mountains.

Electric fly-swatter necklace.

Chrissy Bling.

Happy Birthday, Jilleen.

J. Strange sighting.

Daewon demo.

Sandy got an autograph.

Three weeks later, Greenstache was wearing the same clothes and exhibiting the same aggressive behavoir.

Ghostland Observatory was so much better than I guessed. Sad Sad City.

Lyssa for Titty City.

And yet another show at McCarren Pool. I was so embarrassed for this guy that I had to take his picture and put it on the internet.

Get weird.

Oh yeah, Ted Leo played. There’s something about that guy. Just love him.

Some girls snuck onto stage probably hoping to be the next Courtney Cox at a Bruce Springsteen show.

I couldn’t take my eyes off the guitarist. He just shreds those power chords. You should see his fingers in action.

I’m not sure how many people noticed this. It’s been a week and no one has really said anything about it.

Boob fan.

I usually get pretty bummed on fat heads in my way but this show had some good ones.

Manic Panic.



It was Dave’s last show with the band. Don’t really know who Dave is, but something about being up front with all the high school kids hooting and screaming gave me chills. Good chills.

Celebrate. Seriously he even covered Daft Punk’s “One More Time” during the show.


So Suzette, Charles and me was just eating some fried tofus at Kam Sing when all the sudden we hear breaking bottles and clanging cans. We whip around and see this:

We talked to the champion (green shirt, mustache) and got the full story. So Greenstache is strolling across the street when a 50 year-old shaggy dog looking character honks at him from his station wagon. Greenstache throws him a mean look and Shaggy5oh yells, “fuck you, walk better!”

Greenstache walks up to the car window and yells “fuck you” back at ’em. Shaggy5oh asks if there’s a problem and Greenstache throws his cup of watermelon into the window.

A serious brawl erupts and that’s when we started paying attention. Shaggy5oh rammed Greenstache into the wall, but Greenstache ended up on top pushing his head into the garbage. Shaggy5oh’s missus had to jump out of the car and rescue her husband from further humilation.

Shaggy5oh surrenders defeat to his younger, more mustachioed opponent. All the rage of middle management and mid-marraige sexual frustration wasn’t enough to overcome Greenstache’s decade of teen angst and general contempt for mainstream society.

Looking daggers upon one another, they parted ways. Greenstache walking to the bodega for another watermelon cup and Shaggy5oh getting into the car awaiting another lashing from his disgruntled wife.

No sex and no meatloaf until 2010.

And the kicker: Grandma is in the backseat tossing out pieces of missappropriated watermelon. What a bunch of assholes!

we play here

One of my many jobs in New York is to film Practice Space for VBS.TV. Basically we go to various bands’ practice spaces and get a private show and a short interview. It’s totally rad.

O’Death’s episode launched today and actually sparked the idea for this entry. They practice in Queens and play punk-as-fuck americana. I’m a fan.

They look to Ghostface for inspiration. All praise Ironman.

Their space is a shed in the backyard, complete with wash tub and saw blades.

Greg almost swallows the mic a lot.

At one point, they broke into the theme song to Full House. Not sure why.

This is a little behind-the-scenes peek at Jake the director’s reconnaisance mission for beer without getting in the shot.

Ryan Duffy really likes to ask all the members about their secret crushes. He’s a total gossip.

Lissy Trullie & The Fibs
I love these kids. The Lissy episode came out last week and the songs are super catchy.

Lissy’s a busy girl. It’s hard playing music and running the LES.

When we arrived the band was just called Lissy Trullie, but at this very moment they decided to become Lissy Trullie & The Fibs.

Watch out for these ones.

Sam Champion
The SamChamp episode is still be edited but look for it soon.

This is the photo for the Practice Space ad in the new Vice.

He played three songs like that.

“So this one time, we were hanging out with, like, twelve hookers…”

“Remember that time you played with the antler box on your head? That was awesome!”

I think The Walkmen episode was the first shoot I went on and one of the bigger bands that we’ve featured. They’re pretty chill guys but their studio gets really damn loud.

There’s a hippoeqsue mural in their midtown space.

Stay tuned.

Spent the weekend in Maine with Patrick filming Robstock for Epicly Later’d.

Justin Strubing and Jack Sabback rode up with us. We stayed in Jamestown, RI for a night and woke up with a morning swim.

Maine is really far from New York.

But sometimes it’s worth it.

We made it to Whitneyville, ME well after dark and pitched tents.

In the morning, we could see a bunch of tents dotted throughout the woods. The ground was covered in this supersoft moss, like nature’s memory foam. Camping out was a pleasure.

Screwboo showed up sometime after I fell asleep and ended up falling in the fire and puncturing his ass.

This was the aftermath of just the pre-party.

Robstock takes place at an old cabin where Rob Collison of Low Card fame lived. It’s been abandoned for five years except for the few days a year that Robstock takes over.

The raccoons always raid Rob’s dad’s killer VHS collection.

While his brother’s trophies collect dust in the attic.

Out back there’s a VW graveyard that Rob’s dad tried to cover with ‘Nam-like camoflauge to keep from bumming out the townsfolk.

Everyone went swimming down the road at Six-Mile Lake and ripped Dawna’s rock a new one.

Beer toss.

Pussy rock for, you know, pussies.

Back at the ‘Stock people were stoking the fire for singe-footed ollies.

This was cool, but watching Lil’ Ricky go for it and eat it so hard was even more inspiring.

How about a sprinkle of truck on your burger?

Because it was Maine they had a lobster cookout.

Strubing sucked his down.

Ryan Weibust is the singer of Demassek. He was busy tying together torches before the show.


Gnarwhale took the stage.

It was their first show, but that doesn’t mean they won’t always wear corpse paint.

Or eat blood capsules.

Chicks dig Gnarwhale.

Airsoft to the eyeball.


Demassek may seriously have put on the best show I’ve ever seen. Ever.

Hightower flew in from SF and killed it as well.



Back at the ramp, Lil’ Ricky tried to jump out of the tree into the ramp a few times. He probably woulda landed it if he hadn’t been drinking since the previous afternoon.

This dude went for it too. Another no-go full of cheers.

Hello, America, this is Tooth.

Andreas relaxed through the madness like a true veteran.

“Are ye all having a good time?”

Angela and Jake wrestle for the Rossi.


The flatbottom turned into a pool of booze and boneheads.



The shirt comes off and into the fire.

Screwboo is like the admiral of SS Robstock.

Those planks were ripped up from the stage just hours after it was built.

Keep trying.

Burn on, Robstock. Burn on.

tv in the rain

TV on the Radio played a free show at McCarren Pool in Brooklyn. It rained.

There’s usually a line that lasts blocks for these shows, but we walked right in and were among the few willing to brave the rain.

We did a little more than brave the rain. Stein flies on the slip ‘n’ mutherfucking slide!

The other side of the stage has a dodgeball court. It was extra intense with slippery balls.

It only really rained during the opening bands.

This was the most beautiful moment of the entire event.

By the time TV on the Radio went on, the crowds came out the umbrellas went away.

Aw sweet, right? No way! These kids were slopping all over each other from the minute we walked in three hours earlier. Everyone around them was making faces of disgust. Look beyond the romance and have some dignity.

Other than that it was a great show.