Kicked off Memorial Day weekend with a ride to Veggie Castle. It’s an old White Castle that the Jamaicans took over and turned into a delicious array of vegan Caribbean cuisine. To get there you’ve got to ride through Hasidom and deep into the hood, which makes it all that much more worth it.

Veggie Castle is like an oasis in a sea of fried chicken.

Later that night, we put in some time on the fire escape.

Lyssa got in a shouting battle with the kids across the street.

Alex has no intention of getting his tooth fixed.

Craig Murphey is a handsome man.

Who makes awful faces.

Loogie time.

I wonder if ten dollars was a whole lot (not that it isn’t, but a whole, whole lot) when this fire escape was constructed.

The folks at 538 hosted a brunch on Sunday. Kevin is a master of machete tossing.

Xeroxed porn. It’s got nothing on Titty City.

538 roof.

I’ve been waiting my whole life to see an open hydrant.

Alex went into the eye of the storm.

This guy controlled the stream. He was worried about having his picture taken, but still sprayed a fire truck before I coul get my camera out.

Lost in the Flood.

Now that’s a trooper.

One more time.

Brett Nelson invited us to a Memorial Day bbq. He’s from South Carolina if you couldn’t figure it out.

It was Shannon’s house and she rocked the pogo stick.

I have no idea who this is but he was into fun & games.

Engine engine number nine.
On the New York Transit line.

If the train goes off the track.
Pick it up! Pick it up! Pick it up!

This is Indy and he hosts a fine bbq.

The longhairs of 538.

Side-pipe and mammories.

For the dolphins.

Craig tossed up his usual. The cactus with a sombrero and mustache.

This silhouette is Harry who just transplanted from SF.

And that’s Craig in the spotlight. Always in the spotlight.

Last words courtesy of Alex: That’s what summer’s all about.