This is what it looks like when I work a lot.

I can only go out late at night and hang out with British birds. Chinatown gets very quiet after the fish markets close.

Niki and Lisa have no respect for American law enforcement.

R2D2 is working for USPS these days. What a wash-up.

When we were walking around in Chinatown, we saw two other midnight marauders. One with long hair was vaguely familiar and a block later we found this fresh piece.

Chrissy used to bartend at Taco Cholo and it was part of the weekly routine. This was her last night playing Cocktail.

Lin. Stoned Again.

Lyssa and Craig are really good roommates with very belwildered expressions.

Craig works a lot too, which is his excuse for living in squalor.

Hadas was in town. She used to live here and work for SPIN until she got fired because Christine peed on the carpet during a party hidden in a circle composed of Public Enemy who used blunt smoke to mask the smell of urine. But seriously, the bathroom was three floors down and there was no guarantee of getting back in the VIP room.

Lin and Eugenia throw good dinner parties and make damn good vegan enchiladas.

My heritage illuminated.

This is the new mural at Mama’s.

This is the old tag at Vice.

No-shirt Fridays at the office.

On the weekend, I helped film a show at this old boxing gym called Gleasons.

I can’t give away much, but it involves Thomas here and boxing gloves.

Dominos is like boxing with your mind.

Stay the course.

Collage of killers.

Can you see Mike Tyson’s career in there?

I imagine that Mike Smith is the name of his greatest enemy.

Round One.

Round Two.

Round Three.


Thomas wants a piece.

This was pretty much the best thing that happened there though.

We also shot Lissy Trullie. I love these kids.