There was a monsoon last weekend. I stayed all cooped up the entire day, starting new projects I will never finish.

But after that it got nice and we all went out.

And some people went down.

Is that a whole pie or just a pepperoni? Appetizing nonetheless.

The other red bridge in my life.

I went into B&H one day to try out new lenses. This is the one I didn’t get but I wished I did get but don’t have enough money to make that wish come true. Canon 24mm 1.4L, I’ll miss you.

This is Georgie. He kept me company at work.

This is work. Saturday afternoon, sipping lemonade on the sidewalk with a bulldog waiting for the hungover to order po’boy sandwiches.

I finally met this little genius. Aki is really charismatic for someone who isn’t potty trained.

Let’s see how smart she stays with her new form of recreation.

I hang out with these characters all the time.

And this one not enough.

And sometimes all of them.

We went to a party but missed the nachos.

The best part of a party is always the rooftop.

And the getting there/going home.

This is life most glamorous.