A lady named Michelle Blade organized a big group hug. As a fan of hugs, I felt like I should be part of it.

Jake Baker also likes hugs.

This is what the middle of a group hug looks like.

It wasn’t hard as we thought so we did another one. Jake volunteered to be the centerpiece of this one.

Across the Bay, I met some folks at Hallie’s house. Alex Harris (center) is moving to Portland tomorrow. Good riddance.

The girls at Hallie’s wouldn’t stop watching this CSS video. They got inspired.

Hallie got sore after four leaps.

High Five!

Does this look like an ad for Arizona Jeans or what? I had an incredible dinner with these kids the previous night at May’s house. Good kids.

Gus and Bob.

Bob and bike. He won’t let me ride it because he’s a wuss.

Bob and John had their 21st last week. This was the party planning.

My buddy Will needed a portrait for the skate company he rides for. We came up with this.

Cameron dressed up all dapper for me.

Sorry about lagging on this. I been doing stuff. Won’t happen again. Pinky swear.