skate skate skate

Danilo and I went skating all day last Friday. Barrel full of monkeys.

Here’s a movie from our day of skating. Crappy filming, crappy skating, hella fun.

This is the Brown Town Remix mastered by Danilo. It’s way funnier. We cried laughing while making. Even if you don’t skate, this is still worth watching.

This guy was awesome. He rode a BMX and could do the craziest handstands. He even did a one-armed one.

Danilo is so steezy.

I got more style than 51% of grandmas.


All I ever wanted in life was a backfoot just like that.

Danilo y Pato.

Pato y Danilo.

Renee and Hallie picked me up and took me to the Sutro Baths.

Standing on that rock guy from The Neverending Story.

February 17th. It was so so nice that we were playing in the ocean.

Hallie is strong and pretty.


Baywatch, what!

There were thousands of people at Dolores Park. Just because it was so nice out.

Jordan got a grillpiece.

Sandy and nice days in the park go together like peanut butter and jam.

bearathlon v

5:45 am. I rarely see this hour from either end.

But all the little triathletes were already setting up their bikes and goggles and consuming PowerBar products.

The pool was heating up. The triathlon was getting underway….

There were rows of nice bikes.

Then there was this. The bike ride consists of climbing one of the steepest hill in Berkeley. Some of the athletes have to get off their road bikes and walk them up.

Of course, it belonged to Galen. He and Brent slept in and got there a little late.

Still plenty of time to warm up with some freestyle.

But registration was closed. Oh well, Galen just gave himself a number ( and jumped in with Brent’s heat.

The other arm featured a backwards seven to throw off the officials. Somehow, the spraypaint used to mark the running course ended up on Galen chest.

AK and Richie got matching jerseys because the collars had OC on them. No shame.

This was seriously the most common uniform. Puts my green shorts to shame.

Anya had the first heat among us. I picked the worst photo of her coming out of the pool.

[During this segment I was too busy mediocrely completing the triathlon to take pictures. The bike ride was beautiful, riding through the fog with misty views of the Bay and passing dozens of spandex-clad competitors who would later pass me on the run. It was more fun than you could imagine.]

Post-race juice smoothies.

These guys finished beautifully. Brent actually won “best time for 19 and under” despite being 25. AK filled out his registration form with imagined information. Galen got a flat on his BMX but still managed his way down the hill and violently threw his bike in the transistion area before beginning the run. I have no idea who Dill Blake is. No one does.

“It represents me.”

Triathlons really bring friends together.

AK made out like a bandit with a grip of free Naked juice smoothies.

Galen Jackson is a visionary.

Team Dazzle shines.

I went to Berkeley for the premier of the Foundation video starring the Duffman.

Alex Turan broke his thumb. But at least his cast has all the killerest bands on it.

Toad the Wet Sprocket. That name is genius.

Mirah played in a gelateria the next day.

I liked when she got on her tip-toes to sing.

I’m thinking it’s a sign that the freckles in our eyes…

Tax dollars hard at work.

Andrew’s not afraid to jump barbwire fences in Gucci boots.

Where even is this?

Oh, it’s the waterfall behind the Safeway. Duh!

One day Andrew will rule the world.

This is the most physical I’ve ever seen this man.

Usually he reserves his delicate bottom for Eames chairs.

Andrew explained the fundamentals of money management for those with at least $2 million. One day he won’t have to mow the lawn at the country club.

Dessert parties are the best. Except when my cavity invites itself.

Happy Birthday, Morgan. Thanks for all the chocolate.

Happy Birthday, Julian. Thanks for eating all my chocolate.

riding high

The Queen Mary 2 is the largest boat to ever sail into the San Francisco Bay. It dwarfed everything else. There were also tens of thousands of people there watching it/getting in my way as I sped over the brigde.

The Super Bowl was happening at the same time. Prince played the half-time show and this is my homage.

Onlookers and not football fans.

Make all the gay jokes you like. I just wanna be comfortable.

I thought for a long time about a way to shoot the bridge that had never been done. I’m sure I failed, but this is about as close as I got.

This is the whole point of the ride. The whole point of everything. There is nothing better than dropping this hill at sunset. Nothing.

lack thereof

A lady named Michelle Blade organized a big group hug. As a fan of hugs, I felt like I should be part of it.

Jake Baker also likes hugs.

This is what the middle of a group hug looks like.

It wasn’t hard as we thought so we did another one. Jake volunteered to be the centerpiece of this one.

Across the Bay, I met some folks at Hallie’s house. Alex Harris (center) is moving to Portland tomorrow. Good riddance.

The girls at Hallie’s wouldn’t stop watching this CSS video. They got inspired.

Hallie got sore after four leaps.

High Five!

Does this look like an ad for Arizona Jeans or what? I had an incredible dinner with these kids the previous night at May’s house. Good kids.

Gus and Bob.

Bob and bike. He won’t let me ride it because he’s a wuss.

Bob and John had their 21st last week. This was the party planning.

My buddy Will needed a portrait for the skate company he rides for. We came up with this.

Cameron dressed up all dapper for me.

Sorry about lagging on this. I been doing stuff. Won’t happen again. Pinky swear.