I did manage to take some photos will my other camera was out for repairs. These is them.

They call Hallie Chinese Finger Trap…because she likes to play with Chinese Finger Traps, perv!

Brent can’t deny a good sweater when he sees one.

Sandyland and Smalls. Mis favoritos.


The bathroom at Tu Lan isn’t as bad as you’d think. It’s actually a pretty positive experience.

The water, however, is questionable. I got stuck with the brown one.

Kyle CamCam left his battery on the charger. No photos for you.

This was New Zealander Dave Chami‘s first real burrito.

And Alex Klein’s first real cigarette.

Judd gives it up for Jesse at the last Smiths night in SF. (Do you wish you had your own website yet?)

I totally missed a tender moment.

Massan and Alex Klein and Alex Klein’s jacked finger. This was just after the premier of The City video featuring young Alex shredding in various polo shirts.

Taxi Driver.

The Exorcist.

Curtain call.

Hot Tub Party!!!

Another Wednesday night at Pop’s.

Renee and Jake Baker put on a spur of the moment BBQ. It felt like the last day of summer…in January? Totally ruled.

Essential Capri Sun Cooler.

We cooked hotdog dogs.


Homerun derby. Suzette was three for ten. Not bad.

Derek was looking for a mean game of kickball.

Suzette Lee, age eight.