So Renee still had her rental car from the weekend. We decided to make use of it and go to the Marin Headlands. That’s the Golden Gate. Renee took this photo as well as all the photos with purple captions.

We played around in the bunkers.

Derek gets all jaguar.

Suzette was coming up with all kinds of good photo ideas.

This is Renee; she’s still alive.

It was just dark enough that one could walk right off this edge and plummet at Derek’s feet.

Me and Jake Baker walked to the top of the hill to get the good views.

The others found us.

And we found a radio tower. Hard to miss. We hopped the barbwire found a ladder at the base. And so we started climbing. That’s Jake in the red. It was a spooky climb but totally worth it. Suzette made this photo. She makes good photos all the time and they sometimes appear on her website, SmallMediumLee.

Paul and I were discussing the ethereal aspects of life when Jake made it up.

There was a camera on the ground.

This is what the satellites looks at all day.

There’s something comforting and peaceful about being so far above life’s problems.


Derek on his way up.

Jake left a chicken for future generations.

That’s the tippy top. We climbed the ladder to it, but there was a trap door. We settled with kicking it at three-quarters.

Posse up.

Next time we’re bringing sleeping bags.

And telling ghost stories.

I love this crew.

Stagger, friends.

Farwell transmission.