right out of cam’ra
like baby sister Sara
what a great mistake

so close yet so far
spaldings can’t quite take you there
dream of worlds better

love riding doubles
into oncoming traffic
photos by b.c.

scouting for driftwood
foam overtakes ocean beach
mountains of water

he lived a good life
eating fish and surfing waves
farwell fine porpoise

czars gather on roof
for it’s the end of the world
goodbye poor cz

cardboard uterus
was left for the contractors
anya got away

i’ll miss free pile
found an electric razor
red shoes and dickies

now what will bop do
can he survive outside world
should start with some shoes

sweet anya and may
mourn the passing of the house
best friends will prevail

confetti showers
the house went out with a bang
i will miss your dirt

sun sets on cz
my first home away from home
shed a single tear

cathedral at night
just behind the panhandle
bathed in fog and light

why it’s alex klein
the golden gate’s got nothing
on this switch wallie

fisherman drive vans
keep fish in igloo coolers
backseat stinks, dammit

he has five big dogs
more than friends, they’re family
maybe all he’s got

one of four don’t work
he’s slower than his brothers
but still he is loved

sf christmas eve
the closest thing to family
love you, atreau

joya’s rightly scared
ladder to roof is rickets
but the view’s worth it

galen is so strange
note his shorts and thigh drawing
secretly genius

my house is crooked
but i’ve learned to compensate
while walking, lean right

it’s getting out of control
still just a hobby

perfectly aligned
my roommate has OCD
beautiful disease

suzette’s snaggletooth
she found it in her pocket
now who carries teeth?

dear jordane, thank you
for choosing golden era
and for not smoking

riding with marvic
is a treat, not to mention
he matches my bike

new year’s day dinner
black-eyed peas and collard greens
for good health and wealth

chloe’s twenty-two
showered in purple like prince
i would die 4 u

rachael baked a cake
happy slippyday, um what?
guess it’s a real word

man, i love these girls
hannah shouts her voice away
so much energy

looks like india
but kristi just got back from
thailand, we shared tales

the morning benders
prepare for super crazy
rock ‘n’ roll stardom

slap game, stand up straight
like a beehive of action
backstage at the show

oh silly dylan
what a stupid face you make
forever captured

cam got a cupcake
with vanilla and sprinkles
right between the eyes

singer chris chu croons
heavy hearts, dammit anna
with a grain of salt

the crowd goes wild
they hitchhiked up from dallas
or so they screamed out

tickling the rhodes
singing nothing but the truth
that’s my favorite song

club donuts was fun
vegan choc’late coconut
and lots of dancing

like playing mirrors
kat is a superhero
what does that make me?

dancing on rock salt
is way better than spilled beer
even with gum in hand