Meet Molly, the brains behind MagicMolly. I’ve been a big fan of her website for the last year and forced her into a collaboration while she’s in town. In the exciting world of urban fashion, “X” denotes a collaboration.

We had this idea to make a massive cat’s cradle with trees and neon-colored yarn.

It took some visualizing to create.

But we made it proper with some arboreal help.

If my helicopter wasn’t in the shop, the aerial view would’ve looked like this.

Molly really wanted shift to the next phase of the game.

Pinch here.

If I had my helicopter and the ability to easily uproot and replant trees, this would be the aerial view of stage two.

Stage three. We never got past this one because I couldn’t figure out what to do with my pinkies.

Sorry, the installation was only a one-day event.

And the most satisfying part was cutting that taut string. Impeccable timing X artful destruction.