Andrew’s brother and look-a-like, Ian, is one half of Terri Timely. They needed extras for a video they were shooting and we happily volunteered.

They built a forest inside a building in Fremont. It was a magical world.

The video is for The Little Ones. They’re from LA and really friendly.

Alex Harris is a good blogger. Look behind that tree.

There were all kinds of extras. They had these girls from an Oakland High School who were sure to shake it.

These guys cut a rug.

We “free danced” in three minute intervals for about three hours.

The forest even had grass and boxes to dance on top of like it was MTV’s The Grind.

The Little Ones are bigger than they look.

She was a primary. That means that she acts and dances.

Cameron thought it was going to be a Pearl Jam video and brought his Quicksilver flannel.

Suzette came out because she likes to do cool things.

The party don’t stop. Except when they shout “CUT!” Then it stops and we stand there.

And eat snacks.

And have pizza parties.

Danilo lurked around the set thinking of what crazy films he could make with such a budget.

Ed was practicing his lip-syncing.

We spent a lot of time wondering why there was a light switch in the forest.

Then a living room sprouted out of the ground like a mushroom.

It’s got a homey feel.

The Little Ones are good, even without amplifiers or microphones.

Cameron wishes this was his room.

Doesn’t he look about twelve right now?

Back at CZ, Kari had a going away party. More dancing. Good thing we were all warmed up.

Hallie took a study break.

Chloe’s a blogaholic.

Danilo’s an alcoholic. Just kidding. He probably didn’t even finish his Sparks.

Alli has nothing to say to me.

Andrew Kyle has two first names and a crazy wig.

Chloe swears she had a good time. Probably because she didn’t fall for Karl’s attempt at the punching game.

Anya freaking it like a blind man.


Speaking of popping out, look at AK’s eyeball.

Busting outta them jeans.

Navid goes for broke.

And Navid’s officially broken.

Poi balls: a surefire way not to get any ladies.


Kim is my new friend and likes no-bake cookies and the “Yea Yeah” song.

There was a glowing fire that almost set Michelle’s straw hat ablaze.

Morning light. Does that mean the party’s over?

I was calling in reinforcements. (Actually, I thought this was a boring photo but someone mentioned how I balance the Shaggy on the door. Okay.)

Party breakfast. Potatoes fried in love and vegan pancakes.

“God, thank you for the party. May it continue eternally.”