My old roomie Blake came to visit before making a trip to South America. He’s got the right idea.

He’s better at using my camera than I am.


Patti has emerald colored eyes in the daylight.

Dog walker with a dog in a walker.

Danilo called me late at night and told me to meet him at this place for some mysterious reason.

A shadowy character was lurking near the Christmas tree.

It was none other than the Jester.

Lonely and bewildered.

Then he made a friend.

But friends don’t last long for the Jester.

Window shopping.

When the Jester gets hungry, he visits his cousin Jack.

Nicky Nice also gets hungry sometimes.

Yeah, that’s two tacos for 99 cents.

The Jester acts hard around his new girl.

When us regular folk wanted to eat, we went to Naan and Curry. They don’t bother bussing the tables at two a.m.

Danilo was still figuring out his film.

You can watch it now on the Parra Bros. page.

Back home I had to make sure all that nasty samosa was outta the ol’ chompers.

Up and down is supposed to be better for the gums.

And spit. Don’t forget to brush your tongue.

First Thursday with the boys.

Tu Lan Vietnamese, the yummiest, sketchiest spot on all of sleazy Sixth. Cameron’s holding it down in the line.

Six and a half years of college and Andrew is a rad grad!

His speech was something to the effect of, “I’m an amazing human and I’m going to be incredibly wealthy with or without this silly diploma.”

They left the vegan out of the cake.

Nikola’s got layers like a tie-dyed onion.

What a harlot!

This is the finest household in all of Berkeley.

Don’t ask. It’s some weird graduation tradition. I was embarrassed for the whole lot of them.



In contrast to the world, this blog could have used more segues.