My former home, Casa Zimbabwe, had its special dinner party. This is probably my eighth one but it’s nonetheless tasty and extravagant. Of all those times, this is probably my first time helping out in the kitchen. Oh so sanitary.

Blake was heading up the vegan front making peppermint patties with Scharfenberger dark chocolate.

After days spent preparing the feast it was time to eat.

I sat with these hooligans.

This one was Medieval themed. Looked a bit like prom. But I didn’t go to prom and have been excited to recreate it ever since.

Bryan Kett was the raddest Hunchback of Casa Z.

Anya is so sophisticated for her age.

Kari however….

Courtney is not to be outdone.

People just started bringing out delicious food in a series of nine or ten courses.

All the while we had live folk music playing.

You gotta work up an appetite for the next course.

That’s a balloon, dude.

Heart-melting and ass-stabbing at the same time.

Like any good man of Christ.

I stuffed them pumpkins and they were gords of inexplicable flavor.

Rayo was protected where it counts, I suppose.

Feasters feasting.

Someone ate this. That’s not seitan, that’s the real thing.

Where have so many jesters infiltrated my blogs? Are they the new pirates?

Pat has a huge wingspan.

Shannon has a heart of gold.

You got a little something on your arm there, kid.

I don’t know these kids, but I like Superhero #3’s colorway.

Scarfin’ material.

That’s what I think of your dumb dinosaur.

So innocent looking…for a homewrecker.

Discussing the night’s gossip.

From lutes to Luda, the dancefloor was bumpin’.

Blake’s a sorcerer in the kitchen.

Drunken cuteness.

Kari finally gave up that crotchshot.

Tomorrow morning people will be eating cereal with forks. Thanks, Kar.

Some girl I never met was trying to play sleeping beauty.

Navid shared some of his peach Swishers. Despite being from Thousand Oaks, he smokes them regularly because they are “deeeelishuuss.”

These kids stayed up until four uploading their pictures on Facebook. Lovebryan is second priority of course.

Six hours after the dinner bell rang and this was all that was left.

A few folks gathered in the hallways fighting the Sandman.

I’ll miss CZ and Kari Nye like you don’t even know.

Raise high the roofbeams, this one’s goin’ places.