Black Friday we went to Union Square to view the madness. Jeremy brought his recorder, an Emily Dickinson volume and fresh-baked rolls. He wanted to offer something for free on a day of such pricey consumption.

The rest of us used the consumers as body-shields during a heated game of capture the flag, hence the arm bands.

But there’s always time for pie breaks.



I thought there was about to be another Rodney King outside my window, but didn’t stick around long enough to find out. It takes them so damn long to run your license.

Cuter than a one-legged pigeon.

Cuter than every baby squished together into a giant deathstar of snot and diapers.

This is Sugar, Under’s play date. Sugar’s sweet as she sounds.

I like how these kids used skateboards as goalposts.

Chloe already blew this one up. I must have taken this in a fit of sonambulance.


All the tables at Cancun were dashed in salsa and tortilla chip crumbs because these guys were in the back gambling. I’ll gladly bus my own table for a chance at that pot.


This is the silliest emergency brake I’ve ever seen. Might as well construct an ejector seat too.

This salon specializes in melding your feminine and masculine sides into one utter hunk/babe.