Jihaari put on another Rollerdisco. I didn’t get to skate this time, but I’m not hating.

It was a costume party and Shannon and her friend were figure skaters. How appropriate.

Sabrina was a bear. An Italian bear. With a cigarrette. Who looked something like a mouse.

Bird Big may not be able to fly, but he sure can skate.

I think this references a print ad that references something I don’t understand.

Davey was a rotten banana and Hallie was just rotten.

I mean wonderful-awesome-beautiful.

When Hallie uses the camera, she sucks the soul right out of you.

This is Sandy disguised as someone sad. Far removed from her actual self.

This reminds me of a Sabbath record cover.

Sandy had a houseparty. The toilet overflowed, the neighbors’ house got tagged, a fire extinguisher may have gone off. It was a complete success.

Megan and Jon are animals.

Sandra and Allison sit on an empty bed in a crowded room.

Back to Halloween. Elias put his costume together and instantly became one hard-ass motherfucker. What it is, blud?

Strubing showed up as a barney. He stayed in character the entire night, pushing mongo from party to party worried that the keg would be “dusters.”

Berkeley came out. Cameron scored with this get-up.

Not a normal sight in Pamplona. Alli and Micaela defy all rules.

They found a matador and it was on.

AK makes a creepy cowboy.

Chloe has a legit phobia of Abraham Lincoln. Too bad she missed this. There were at least twenty of them.

This T.Rex was rad. He just roamed the streets by himself wreaking havoc all night. His costume smelled like paint thinner and was probably wrecked out of his mind the whole time.

Alex was self-conscious about no knowing any KISS songs and decided to offset his facepaint with a pencil stache and a soulpatch.

One party we went to had jars that you put your hands into to feel gross things. When your a kid, it’s usually peeled grapes or spaghetti. But this was actual pig’s feet and human hairballs.

This one disturbed Alli enough that I felt like I should post it.

Chris the Performing Monkey sang to us in Spanish from party to party.

AK is the ultimate Catholic priest. He loves young boys.

Creeping their way into Farlitos.

The Nintendo Power kids cashed in their gold coins for greasy quesadillas.

This says it all.

See you on real Halloween. It’s going down.