Alex and I went to Bolinas for a bromantic afternoon of foraged fruit, pellet guns, hiking, swimming and musing on girls, photos and writing.

His mom has a house off a dirt road and the lawn needs regular watering.

Then it was time to destroy some shit.

I’m no Lee Harvey Oswald, so this was really difficult.

“Hey, Mom. Just shooting shit.”


Break yo’ self.

In the spirit of Halloween, our hand-drawn ghouls got it. There were also exit wounds on the rotten apples.

We live the simple life out there. Wicker furniture and Newman-Os.


There’s a lot going on inside this dude’s head all the time.

Contrary to popular belief the ropeswing is still up at Bass Lake.

Dude had a wetsuit.

I had a nosuit.

How California is this? I love Bolinas.