Lower Haight had a block party. Lucy held watch.

Hella Henna.

“I don’t know where my mom is and I don’t care.”

They had a reptile booth.

You could blow up film canisters with Alka-Seltzer as well.

The tortoise was surprisingly fast. Probably from trying to outrun all the explosions.

The iguana was quite smug.

Blondie was the star attraction. She’s a 60lb. albino Burmese python.

She’s so long I couldn’t fit her in a single frame.

This is the last photo ever taken of Meghan. She was swallowed whole.

I’m not afraid of much, but growing up snakes constituted my single completely irrational fear above all fears. This was the first time I ever held a snake and now I’m invincible.

We also attended the Clarion Alley block party, hosted in part by this lovely man, Antonio.

Maeve made it.

So did Meghan. You thought she was in the serpent’s belly. You dummy!

Someone else was here. If you know you know.

This hurts my eyes like wearing someone else’s prescription specs.

Tough dogz.

Weenie dog.

Rad dog.

Mac dog.

Clarion had its own reptiles.

Rocket and Brandy.

Maeve and Molly.

Karl sans beard.

Focus. Determination. Skill.

Rep yo’ block.