“Walk up to the snake. Get bit. Die. Walk up to the same snake. Get bit. Die.”

A visit from SJ’s finest.

Val pieces together nice bikes.

Inset of the Hella Kitty.

Weed is pretty silly. As are toy chickens. But put together, this is kinda cool.

Rooftop sunset from my former home.

Sufjan Stevens played a mighty show.

All things go.

One night last week, a bunch of us thought we were going on a yacht party with SOMA magazine. Turns out it was just at a yacht club. Lomax got all dressed up to brave the high seas. Sorry, Admiral, maybe next time.

Hobnobs at the yacht club have to stare at this all day.

Alex Klein is back stateside and that’s always a good thing.

The other AK’s whip.

Brent Hagen turned 25. He had a BBQ. People attended. Food got eaten. Hooray!

They should call it a burn, not a grill.

There goes the last tofupup.

Appetizing tribute to Brent. Cake two of five.

Jeremy’s parents check the website.

Kat also reads the site. She’s a true fan.

Poochers thinks the site is bullshit. He prefers to stink up the backyard rather than read anything I’ve touched.

Sara and Katie.

Shelly and Jerm.

Brent and birthday cake caress.

The yet unnamed Capp House Co-op has all classics. Pretty sure they just shoplifted this rack from the children’s section of the library.