So many photos. So much fun.

Bancroft Bombers roll together.

Pat and I went to see Danilo’s film, Subconciouslessness, at an film festival about alternate realities.

Speaking of alternate realities, Galen is in a whole other world.

Danilo is really good at piano. On top of all those other things he’s really good at. Dammit.

Pat’s first time singing karaoke. I signed him up for the Carpenters’ “Superstar.”

First rain of the season.

Nicolas is a famous actor in Chile. I assisted in a photo shoot of him for an upcoming Chilean film about mercenaries in Iraq.

In order to find a piece of the ocean.

Later that night I come home from work and find 25 whiskey-drunk southerners singing Journey in my living room. We had some NC folks visiting and some birthdays to celebrate. So, of course, they rented a deluxe karaoke machine. I can’t imagine coming home to anything better.

Stacy ain’t afraid to rock the mic.

I never wanna be your weekend lover.

Only want to see you bathe in the Purple Rain.

Claire and Aki have the same birthday. Duets all night, including “Let’s Talk About Sex.”

Tender moment. Happy thirty, girls.

Aki says, your turn.

I don’t know where Darin’s coming from.

Wylie, Feeny and Faye: Where’s the gold at? Where’s the gold at?

Andrew played KJ all night. Kept the singing going until 5am.

Bon Jovi “Wanted Dead or Alive.”

Can’t even express the madness and merriment of this event. My next purchase will be a deluxe karaoke machine.

The following day was the bluegrass festival in the park.

Young and old alike.

The crowds were massive.

And everyone just wanted to hear Gillian Welch croon.

I dragged Pat out of the house.

And we met Ethan Lee.

And a chicken.

The sun dipped and we went to a BBQ.

Fayez dropped by! I love this guy. He’s gotten a lot taller since the fro.

After eating, I made it just in time to see the Cold War Kids. Quite possibly my favorite band of the moment. “Saint John on death row just waiting for a pardon.”

Nathan’s got some pipes. “I got one friend lay across from me. I did not choose him. He did not choose me.”

Just when you thought the day might end, everyone went to Soul Night at the Elbo Room and danced ’til they booted us.

Berkeley kids just started appearing out of the woodwork.

Trying to keep these boys out late, keep them from making too many songs or movies or photos.

I love San Francisco. I love everything happening. I love my friends.