Brent suggested I go to the MOMA to see the scavenger findings on display. Said it would help bring closure to our loss. Jake and Liz came for support and Aaron happened to show at the same time as us.

Toilets. The 100 point clue.

Brent’s dirty sock should be in there somewhere.

Nose goes.

Irish Spring flounder.

I think eggs might be the nastiest food out there, but Aaron’s sunny side up was a work of art.

Just about everyone is on Valtrex these days.

Bob was supposed to be a cupcake for Halloween this year. Make him follow through this year.

Items that enter your body.

Ryan was really proud of the horse he carved from a single piece of carrot.

See that really nice cast of a foot? That was Brent’s.


I really want our fox skull back.

Broken tools.

Popguns haunt my nightmares. So do the lipstick dick prints, kind of.

Heart-shaped rocks in the shape of a heart. Biters.

Aaron repeated our sob story for the camera. Our mattress was the largest and sits as the foundation.

Next year….