Sometimes, Pat and I trade lenses. He doesn’t like mine. I try to tell him that it’s not the lens that stinks, it’s him. Proof is pudding.

Look at the way Danilo pops from that tree. What a buttery depth of field!

Rockclimbing approach to treeclimbing. The bark ain’t having it.

A rare white herring in mid-flight. Could possibly be the only bird of its kind left in the world. It’s like photographing a ghost.

Another rare specimen. A Danilo perched high in the treetops.

You can walk right up this tree.

Jake’s knife has assisted release (read: switchblade). Action shot.

Danilo gets a quick shave.

Someone’s gotta feed the rats.

Hippies cutting hairs at the beach.

I think the ravens ate the seagulls.

It gets cold at the beach.

Logan moved back from NYC and had a vegan potluck at her new house in Oakland. It was Thanksgiving caliber and I left uncomfortably full.

Katherine made an appearance in pea green.

Happy Birthday Alex Harris!

Logan’s roommate Jacob played the Ghostbusters Soundtrack on vinyl and enjoyed it a whole lot.

Look at those grips. I’m so glad this girl came out.

New bike, new camera, this guy’s unstoppable.

We’ve got a nice rooftop in this beautiful city.

Even if Pat doesn’t like my lens. I still like his. Almost as much as I like making cookie casseroles with Liz.