Kristi was talking back and got a fatlip. Just kidding, she fell down the stairs. F’reals.

Icing that lip with watermelon on a stick.

–“She said what?!?”
–“Oh, no she din’t!”

Mama Marcy cooked up a serious pot o’chili and some conbread. I love me some ground hamhawk.

Meghan was breaking (in) the hammock.

Liza daydreaming about me.

Nikola’s fashion sense is on a whole other level.

But he’s still got a good sole.

Chelsea’s such a drama queen.

“Why are you looking at me?”

World domination.

Cameron bought football jerseys back from Croatia. Don’t mistake it for patriotism.

Marcy and Austin have curly hair and kind hearts.

Cameron’s working on his stable. Read Iceberg Slim for details.

Pat came to the patio potluck just barely five-and-half hours late. Always good to see PP, no matter what time it is.

Chloe’s got a fever of 99.1?!? I think she more cute, cantankerous and caustic than contagious.

Morning Benders played on Saturday. Pre-show Falafel Posse.

Dylan and Jerry fighting for most uninterested expressions.

Greg before bursting into laughter because I’m hilarious.

AK fraternizing with two very excited 18 year olds. (Nicole–If things don’t work out, email me.)


Five-one-oh past and present. I thought you quit cancer, Andy.

Front row. There are about a million photos of the Morning Benders, but I’m saving them for the band.

Jake Baker just moved from Boston and is good at making friends.

Adrienne is a lovebryan intern, even if she doesn’t know it.

Chris Chu all sweaty after his killer preformance.

Joe knows how to navigate the Rhodes.

Julian plays drums like Animal from the Muppets.

Van is a maniac. I guess that’s what three months at sea does to a man.

Morgan, Jordan and Kari are further proof that all of Berkeley came out for the show.

Bob looks kinda weird.

Chelsea and Asa overexposed.

Jesse and Jenny.

Rachael and Elise look like they’re up to something.

I think Chelsea likes creepy photos. They look punk.

Actual height.

How come I can never get away with stuff like that?

Anya was probably trying to seduce Chelsea because I didn’t take this photo.

I’m working on my posture. I want to be a better person.

BBQ at Brian’s house. I made it on time. Brian mugs next to the wreckage of last week’s event.

Dev mans the kebabs. Deeelicious.

Stein likes lime. However, cucumber-chili is the best flavor there ever was.

Brian with the backyardside disaster.

Dylan on the wall.

Manidis up there.

Alabama made it the highest though. I was too busy freaking out about how cute she is that I missed the photo.

The three loudest, most obnoxious kids I love.

Brian’s got a good house.

The various backyards of San Francisco.

Danilo was chugging wine from a mug at Jess’s house for a Free Cong Do celebration.

Harry had this patch on his backpack. I haven’t seen this logo in years. It reminded me of when I used to be a little boy. The killer in me is the killer in you.

Bien played us a phone call they recorded from Arnold Schwarznegger. He called to welcome back Bien’s father. She told him “danke schoen” as they hung up.