The ghosts of the 473 House Past kidnapped current residents, Elias and me, and took us to the miniramp.

Cairo (middle room) floats a frontside ollie and Vic (front room) poses.

Brian Uyeda (darkroom) stuffs his face.

Darin (front room) sneaks a warm beverage between back smiths.

Cairo made this beautiful back noseblunt. If I knew how to shoot skate photos, you’d be able to see how much the ledge inclines up.

This is where Ben Weiner and I go with our Vietnamese sandwiches. He loves defying gravity.

The kids at Arizmendi. Chelsea recognized Jake’s tattoo even though he just moved here from Boston.

Bob is the newest blogger on lovebryan. He’s making grandiose claims. But for the most part he keeps it low-key and tries to blend in with his surroundings.

Jesse Phalen is one good guy.

Mistah Fab came to 510 to do a signing for his signature Hubba wheel. Didn’t even know who dude was. But if Julian reps homie, then he must be cool.

There were a lot of fans waiting.

For this guy!

And his yellow bus!

He signed Andrew Kyle’s Ghostbusters 2 shirt.

I was a little more interested in the new art window by Andreas Trolf.

Sally Slap and Lauren made friends with Fab.

I made friends with Jamie Hustle’s dog, Choco.

Choco and Jesse got hyphy.

Choco needs some gold fronts like these.

And I need some rims on my board like those.

Sounds like a bargain.

Cameron came back from Europe sporting the dual snaggletooth, smuggling guns and representing America’s finest machines. Wonder what happened out there?

I slept at Channing house and woke up to the Berkeley High Marching Band playing “Ironman” by Sabbath. If that wasn’t weird enough, I found this cup in the kitchen.

Sometimes Belle wants milk. Sometimes she wants wine. Sometimes one right after the other.

I was at Kingman this weekend and there’s this old mural that Danilo did of Pat.

Slash creep.

Nostalgic for my old corner.

Greg got a pirate pinata for his birthday.

And whompled it.

Bob got a new motorcycle. He’s really into “things with wheels that can kill you.”

This pup rules.

You always gotta finish with your favorite photo of the set. Ender-ender.