Some guy told me this joke:
Q: Why do they only let ten percent of women in heaven?
A: Anymore and it would be hell.
Lately, I’ve been hanging out with about 95% girls. They’re filling up my memory cards. I love girls and here are some of the girls I love. (I apologize in advance if you’re a girl and I love you, but you’re not featured. Poor timing–most of the photos are from the last week.)

Hallie. Everyone loves Hallie. She visited me in San Francisco and bought me dinner. She takes good care of me.

She also loves big cocks. So much that she got one tattooed.

Anya. Caught in the headlights at CZ.

The reason dinosaurs went extinct? Too many rubbers.

Morgan. Last name Wadsworth.

Kari. How cute is she?

Two-handing a beverage.

Walked in on a dance party.

Anya’s all over the place.

Bowie says, “Let’s Dance.”

Marcy. First time I’ve seen her since her triumphant return. We ate hella vegan cookies.

Eatin’ dirty face.

Chloe. Well, her boobs anyway. They were having a moment with Kari.

Chloe is very underrepresented in my photo library. I had to dig this one out from the crates because if I posted this without her, there’d be hell to pay. Hang out more, girl.

Chelsea. BFFF. Best friends forever, finally.

She didn’t find anything good at Thrifttown. Pobrecita.

Noelle. We get Papalote’s and eat in DP. Something of a routine.

Nice gear.

I’m her official Myspace photographer. I unabashedly take pride in that.

Kari came over just to beat me in Chinese Checkers. Next time.

Kristi. With her friend Madeline. I miss her dog Chiquita already. Poor pup had to relocate to the midwest for the rest of the year.

Ying. There are times when she doesn’t like to be photographed.

Katherine. She threw up in her hand a little bit.

Meghan. Celebrated her birthday with a deelicious potluck. I ate myself sick.

Happy Birthday. Hope you get that hang glider you’re wishing for.

Rachael. And another dance party spontaneously combusted in Meghan’s room.

Hallie’s got the bling of death.

Shelly and Mila. The Stilettas make a cute couple.

Laura and Karen. They’ve both got boyfriends apparently.

Nicole and Linda. My Thai friends! Sacrificed their cow-print couch for weeks on my account.

Liz. A sweet conundrum.

Only 95% of my photos were of girls. Here’s the other five percent. Assorted singles.

These same shoes walk in different directions these days.

Ben Weiner is a good friend. It’s going to be a shame when I have to beat him in SKATE.

Ilya represents for the blog.

Vegan cookies at CZ. Totally worth a trip to Berkeley.

Art by Chelsea and Brodie. OCD by Bryan.

Chip selection at the Vietnamese sandwich spot.

Hamburger Eyes opening at some swank gallery.

I heard they cut the limb down at Billy Goat Hill. Tis a shame.

Ken Goto on the way to his photo showto.


Cones carry flowers, sidewalks contain roots, buildings shade the sun and we give our hearts to the City.