It’s been a long week.

This insect had a pitchfork attached to its snout. En route to Berkeley.

Since moving into this dope room, I’d been sleeping on the floor. Pat and Danilo came through for a midnight bed pickup. Danny held it down while we drove.

Elias got us the hook up at Great American for the Cat Power show. She played two hours and it was her second show of the night. Just an electric guitar, a piano and that heavenly voice. I swooned.

Elias knows a deal when he sees one.

Louis was in town from Berlin before moving to NYC. We kicked it at the beach.

Bien just got back from Paris. She was missed.

Jihaari’s birthday.

It was a cupcake party. I ate all the vegan ones and this was the only thing left for birthday wishes.

Ben came through to show me that no matter how nice my bike is, his is nicer. Also, he was on his way back from a barbershop in Hunter’s Point. They gave him an icy hot fade and goatee.

After Ben gave me some parts and my wheels finally arrived from ebay, I completed my bicycle. Yeah, it’s alright.

Hallie treated me to Herbivore. I ate so much that people were stopping by the table to congratulate me. All those sundried tomatoes were devoured. Thanks, Hallie.

The same day I finished my bike, I decided to buy a Canon 20D digital slr. This is one of my first photos with the new camera.

Micah hangs out at our house a lot and leaves his sneaker collection under my bed and in my closet.

Liz came over to paint bikes.

I wanted to jazz up my old one for resale and she just needed a touch-up on the Almond Breeze.

Looks like she started to painted the fence or something, but I don’t think she did.

I’ve got a good view.

Ying invited Elias and me to go sailing and this was our vessel.

Ying is very photogenic.

Eli eyes the horizon.

Dan was our inside man and arranged for our passage.

I was ready to sail to Alcatraz and take it over in the name of the American Indians again, but no one knew what I was talking about, so I shut up.

Elias with the angles.

We got real snacky on this journey. Add in some wasabi peas, chili-lime chips, soy jerky and trail mix and you might be getting close.

Flight of the albatross.

This was my maiden voyage on a sailboat.

They were all spitting loogies off the side, bunch of nasty roughnecks.

Ying demonstrates the exploding fists.

Two things she always wears.

Born and raised.

Joya and I are reunited as roommates again. Love that dude.

Feeling haggard.

Morning bell.

Elias chases his whiskey with matte.

Atreau stopped by. I think this is an accurate visual of his last week. Send him some love.


Anya, aka Little Feather, came to visit me and we went to Baker Beach.

Solo see-saw.

My lens makes for nice portaits.

Hoods at the beach. This southern boy never knew.

Danilo, Pat and Co. showed up.

Danilo left some pictures for the tides.

Lucky lady.

Felix leaves his mark.

The crew heading toward the nude section.

This man was in a sweater and a hat on a brisk day, just hanging out. No pants, no worries. Baker beach is a weird place.

Felix is never to be outdone.

I really like my new camera. Maybe one day I’ll learn to use it.