Party people and the place to be. It was really warm two Fridays ago. I went out after work and hoards of people were roving from party to party in the good neighborhoods of San Francisco. Here are a few I came across.

My old house at 573 Fell had a rager to celebrate Lin’s move to NYC.

Joya showed up to show love for Lin. That guy only gets out if the moon is right or the earth’s poles hit a specific variation.

Former residents, present friends.

Protection. . .

. . .from guys like this. My bad, I put him on the guestlist.

The fuzz broke up the 573 soiree, so I went up the street to see off Danilo’s roommate, Chad. He’s gone to Ghana now.

Do you know where that is, Danny?

Theodore was there. He might be the friendliest guy there is.

Deep rest.

There was some kind of glowing orb in the backyard. And I guess it brought me home because that’s pretty much the end of my night. Remember Flight of the Navigator?

After returning from Tahoe, Jessy and Kim came to visit from NC.

I had to work a lot and Ty doesn’t work at all, so he helped show them around.

We showed them his backyard.

Maybe based on the merit (if any) of this website, Mila asked me to shoot photos for SOMA magazine’s party. I made some pictures I really liked with a borrowed camera but I think I’m going to save them for the magazine. Except this one; it’s mine.

Still, I managed to snap a few on my little camera. Thanks for coming through, Hallie. Mobb Deep loves Hennessy and I love you.

Beckon the mighty wolf’s call.

The party consisted of four really good bands. The headliners were called Monsters are Waiting and the singer is a total babe. Her name’s Annalee and we are friends now.

Raiders of the Lost Ark played in Dolores Park on Saturday night. How rad is San Francisco? There were probably 10,000 people there all rooting for Indy.

The twilight was nice and help set the mood for some archaelogical adventures.

Kristi brought her dog Chiquita. She was a huge hit.

I don’t think I could own a dog that couldn’t fit inside my sweatshirt.

Hallie freaked out.

During the movie, she exclaimed, “This dog is so much better than boyfriends. You can cuddle and lick all you want and you don’t have to worry about holding each other in public.”

She was serious.

Thai Temple with the girls. It’s been a while.

Noelle ate mango sticky rice with us.

I think of all the things I’ll miss when I move from Berkeley, the CZ rooftops are of the top three.

Sliding at Cordo.

That waxed cardboard is no joke. It’s the Ferrari of cardboard. Zoooommmm.

I wake up sore, everyday, since I turned 24. But I still got it.