Last time I was in Tahoe, I was on a bicycle sleeping in the woods. This time we piled high into a minivan and went up to Hilary’s cabin.

The cabin was built in 1969 and hasn’t been redecorated since.

I almost had to leave, then I remembered that I play by my own rules.

Damn ol’ Patrick shot the moon (scored all 5000 points) second try. He’s really really good at everything to point of infuriating others.

We went to Donner Pass just above Donner lake, where that family of dirty cannibals ate each other oh so many non-vegan years ago.

Most of the folks that I accompanied on the trip were climbers, so we went to a rock and attempted to sramble up.

Shannon patiently waited her turn and was incredibly good for her first time ever. “No hustling allowed.” Psssh.

I climbed for my first time. Super rad. I think I liked repelling down the best though.

Patrick’s really good at this too.



Where’s Shannon?

Blake and Anya showed up with some more friends. Although I’ve only posted pictures of Patrick and Shannon so far, there were actually about twenty of us.

Anya was so psyched to see us and climb. Like a puppy set free from the pound.

Anya kept saying “tnaki” instead of “i can’t.” I think it was some strange summer camp thing and it was totally weirding Patrick out.

Alex and Patrick work on their bird calls.

Dashielle and Hilary anchored up a big ‘un.

Touching the void.

I love a good sunset.

And so do they.

Anya says “love me.”


Getting mystical.

I always have to do this. Don’t know why.

Night fell back at the cabin.


We played a heated game of Apples to Apples and Blake was probably bummed by how diresome I beat him and everyone else.

I ate some pasta before we went for a night swim. Fifteen minutes my ass.

Skinny-dipping was great. We swam out to this floating dock and there was a large herd of nakee folk sinking ship. And there’s nothing like walking out of a lake naked and seeing a red-light and thinking, “goddammit.” Right, Patrick?

I snapped this as we were getting kicked out by a disgruntled neighbor.

Looks wholesome enough, right? Well after I went to sleep, they played a huge game of spin the bottle, strip poker and engaged in countless other unsavory acts. Or so I hear.

I slept well, but that creep Blake took a picture of me sleeping right before saying goodbye and running back to summer camp for the next month.

The next day we followed the signs to Hidden Beach on Lake Tahoe where only the locals go.

There was a dog and bird named Jo-Jo.

We became the best of friends.

Patrick refuses to be outdone, even by dogs.

Doug goes for it.

Making the most of boulders.

Everyone was still a little tired from all that bottle-spinning so they claimed their own islands and slept.


The dogs must’ve been part seal.

Delineating the crew.


Crystal clear.

We went to a taqueria where they use ninja swords to cut the meat.

Patrick didn’t want to wear his wet panties so he just rocked the towel in the restaurant.


Dashielle sitting pensively back at the cabin.

Flowers gone wild.

Goodbye, see you next time. Thanks Alex, Patrick, Hilary, Matt, Dashielle, CZars and everyone else for showing me a grand ol’ time.