Assorted snaps from the last two weeks, momentous and not.

7/11. Free slurpee day. I had blackcherry lemonade, which makes no sense at all.

My homeboy’s perferred vandalism.

I wonder if this guy uses a ladder to mount his steed.

Scene from Potrero Hill late at night.

My birthday was a beautiful day.

Brent and I rode up to the lake for a swimswim. We take a route specifically because there is an old Delorean parked along the way.

Brent is a hunk.

Chloe brought me back fresh picked macadamia nuts from Hawai’i for my birthday. I gotta let them dry out a little first.

Rachael made me dinner for my birthday at her new house. She has rooftop access and quaint view.

Her apartment is still pretty sparse.

The girls cooking away my gnocchinita and balsamic encrusted mushrooms. It was probably one of the best homecooked meals I’ve ever had.

Who needs tables and chairs when you’ve got hardwood?

AK loves lovebryan so much he checks it on the go.

MJ, what?

Bob’s roommate Phil moved out and left him this.

Rachael is selling her bicycle. It rides like a dream. One of those ones where you toss and turn a lot.

They wouldn’t let this woman on the bus because she threw water on the bus driver and a pregnant woman. The pregger lady said, “don’t let da baby fool you, mama will whoop yo’ ass!”

This feller on the bus expounded on the benefits of narrow handlebars on his bike. At lennnnngth.

Gentleman here looked like a caveman masquerading as a business exec.

All of the preceding folks I met on free transit days. In addition to free rides and interesting people, I ride public transportation because buses don’t blow up like cars do. Or at least this one that Kristi and I happened upon.


We rode up to the lake again. Finally got Mike Wong and Aaron King, two people I always refer to by first and last name, up for a dip. The girls met us up and there and we saw Chris Duncan doing backflips off the rock and his baby driving around in an inflatable boat. Don’t have a waterproof camera so you’ll have to take my word on all of this.

Back at the house they were having a partiny (small party).

Diana repping art by Walt.

Chelsea’s back from Chile!!!! It’s time to cause some trouble.

Sometimes I forget that I have a rad rooftop. Call me sometime when you want to kick it up there.