I went to a couple galleries for First Thursday with Kristi. This was her friend’s photo show.


The stilts on the right are rad.

We also went to Jeremy Fish’s show. It was so crowded that had to let people in as others went out.

Everyone huddled in the back to talk to Mr. Fish and ask him if they could see Aesop Rock for free.

Mr. Fish is good at painting. I’m sure it was Hallie’s inspiration.

His dark period. Red stars mean sold.

Just up a block, Stiletta was playing a free show. The girls high-five for rock ‘n’ roll.

We posted up in the booth during the fifteen other bands.

Without fail, I see Justin Yu and Jenn Bai every time I go out in the city.

Elias likes to ruin my long exposure shots.


Happy 23!!!!!111

On Friday I went to the new DLX warehouse for a job interview. I passed. Besides being underqualified, I wasn’t feeling the fulltime hours and they wouldn’t honor my mandatory two months a year vacation. Thanks anyways. Still I got a tour of the new warehouse and saw this amazing macaroni art.

Jim, the big cheese, showed us a tattoo he got based on his son’s drawing. He got it ten minutes after Jack finished his doodle.

I also went to Hallie’s job and witnessed her hard at work, loving the nine to five.

She gave us keys to her swimming pool and it has a rad view of downtown.

Then it was Saturday as commemorated by the shirt.

Bob got a new tattoo.

I rode to the top of Grizzly Peak for the view.

View from my room.

At night I went to meet Dusty in Oakland. Lake Merritt looks pretty at night.

We looped it without falling in.

A couple of busters on road bikes.

Dusty Stokes is the son of a preacher man. And this is his congregation.

Somehow we started talking about climbing up buildings so I took Dusty to the buildering spot on campus. It’s like bouldering but on buildings. Duh.

Snaking around this corner feels slick.

Sunday rolled around and Daniel and Greg wanted to ride to Tiburon. We stopped at the fort on the way so Daniel could hang out for minute.

Fog over the bridge was henious.

But weather in Marin was beautiful. Daniel embraced.

After the Paradise loop we stopped at Pancho’s in Tiburon and ate plantain burritos.

New lovebryan blogger. Anyone on tandems gets in.

The trees in the Presido were spooky.

Fog is photogenic.

Daniel got a badass helmet because his dad almost died last week hitting a pinecone.

Greg always wears a beanie, even in summertime.

I wore my Coon Dog Day shirt in honor of Mike Belleme’s amazing blog.

I tried to shoot the city enshrouded in fog on the bus ride home, but found God instead. Remember it was Sunday.

It was also Cameron’s last night before going to Europe. Laney’s locking herself inside this hutch until he returns.

Bob says hello.

“The most remarkable thing about coming home to you is the feeling of being in motion again. It’s the most extraordinary thing in the world.”