Kristi and I walked dogs. I think it was the day before July 4th. The 3rd perhaps.

She had to walk Zoe who was basically a yak in dog’s clothing. I got to walk lil’ Chiquita. No sweat.

Potrero Hill view.

Chiquita has to wear this cone because she has allergies. They signed it like a cast.

We rode bikes sans puppies and came across the new statues on the Embarcadero.

And then down to Hopper’s Hands. I like to think Dennis Hopper was the first person to hit his hands against the fence there.

The Parra Bros came over the house that night to kick it at “lovebryan headquarters.” We shot tricky photos with an off-camera flash. They’re all on Pat’s camera though.

Sweet kids. Pat treated me to smoothies at the Rasta spot.

They got money built into the tiles. Tread on da dolla.

This sunflower is growing on my roof.

And now the July 4th festivies begin. I conducted a solo tour of various bbqs and jams.

Dolores was first on the list. There were tens of thousands of fashionable people sitting on the lawn. One would’ve thought Bowie was playing a free show or something.

Ying was claiming some croquet but we just sat on grass instead.

The bike crew was there. I felt self-concious because I was still on my road bike. Hook it up with new wheelset!!!

Line for the girls’ bathroom. Grandma is totally going to pee herself first.

Up at the Panhandle, Roughneck was putting on a Junk Jam bbq.

Mississippi Joe was six sheets to the wind with sparks and sparklers.

Joe unveils his patriotism.

Ty unveils a shadowy back smith.

Jonah lost all his hair and grew a beard. Looking good.

The Brothers Bingham. Simon is back in town.

Johnny introduces the new line of Roughneck Merlot, a delightful vintage with an intoxicating aroma.

Jilleen was in town from NYC. She looked like a spy with those shades and earpiece.

Hallie called me up to another bbq. It was a bunch of dudes sitting around a nice backyard listening to Dragonforce and eating steak and bbq sauce.

Highlights included this dog and. . . .

Karl. Disabled for life.

And back to Dolores. I knew I could find some chips and guacamole back here.

Just before sundown I went back to Berkeley for Cameron and Fenna’s bbq.

All eyez on Dylan.

Adrienne reps the baby phat bag like it ain’t no thing.

Julian is a star.

Leah was totally disgusted with Chris Chu and Fenna. Heathens they are.

These kids were waiting up on the roof for the fireworks.

I proposed that we go up to Indian Rock to see the fireworks. By the time we got there, we saw firework. I think we caught the last one. Spectacular.

Cameron and Fenna were stunned.

I love Nicole and AK.

A lot of people stole my idea and there were thousands of not so fashionable people huddled on the rock. One would’ve thought Phil Collins was playing a free show or something.

Engagement photo.

Missed connection.

AK has a beautiful Eames chair. Sometimes I go over his house just to sit in it.

A busy July 4th comes to an end. Everyone passed out really early. Wonder why? I wanted to keep going but Andrew serenaded me into sleepiness.