If I were a rapper, that title would be in the hook of my hit single. Ill, right? Here’s a look at last week’s random run-ins and eventful events.

Bob triumphant, even before race day.

Had lunch with the lovely Mila Zuo last Thursday. She showed me her office at SOMA magazine and proved what a hotshot she is.

Andrea, all the way up from Redwood City, met me in Dolores to catch up on gossip.

Lin is my former roomie from 573 Fell. She’s moving to NYC. Aren’t they all?

What? Dusty Stokes! He’s back. This guy is so talented and rad. Hope you run into him as well.

After burning every last calorie in my stomach at the alleycat race, Mike Wong and Katherine happened to be throwing a vegan BBQ. I picked some plums from a tree as contribution and ate many vegan apple sausages.

“So you gotta skewer the tofu like this.”

Built 4 Sausage Linx. How many Raekwon listeners read this?

Grillmaster Mike.

Later that evening Radiohead was playing the Greek Theater. We got there at the encore and they were playing “True Love Waits.” I got impatient and jumped the fence to see them.

Samatha hopped in too. What a trooper.

Everything in its right place.

Morning bell.

On Sunday I trekked out to the ‘burbs to see Becky before leaving for France. Kyle organized a going away party at his folks’ house in Menlo Park. It was a surprise. Note the hands.

Kyle kept telling me he had a copy of the enjoi video he made with my name on it. And he really did.

Kyle’s grandma Lolly hooked it up.

As did Britney. She prepared homemade vegan peanut butter cups. They were the size of cupcakes too. So good.

We’ll miss you, Becky.

Such a rad couple.

The eating just doesn’t stop. Mike and I met for Food Not Bombs on Monday. The guy in the back was playing Cure songs.

Monday: Just one of those days.

I hardly notice graffiti, but I found this in the bathroom at Taqueria Cancun and smiled knowing that our good friend Kyle Lee had peed in the same spot.

Since I wasn’t noticing graffiti, I didn’t notice these Mat O’Brien eyes on the soap dispenser. They noticed me.

PLANET, the magazine I intern for, had a T-shirt party last night at 111 Minna.

There was a little fashion show.

And we made some friends and got some free t-shirts.

Kristi accompanied me in a vintage California tee. It’s cool because she’s from St. Louis.

Elias and Ty rolled through sporting eagles and wizards respectively.


For the last two weeks I’ve been teaching skateboarding to wee kids in the mornings at a day camp.

Despite the harsh time slot, it was pretty fun. They even kind of learned something. Peter here swears Will Ferrel is his family friend.

Jacobo was the best. His helmet was incessantly crooked. He wants to become an American president, then he claims he will use his power to get me a job in a comic book store or as a solider. Thanks, Jacobo.