I was supposed to go swimming on Saturday morning, but an hour before leaving I got a hankering to do my first alleycat race instead. It was a messenger-style race called the Oakland Scrape and consisted of racing from one checkpoint to another to do a silly task as fast as possible by whatever route possible. Breakneck and dangerous and fun as all hell.

Oakland Scrape spoke card, Bombers represent and Candy Maldonado for luck.

The Bancroft Bombers warm-up.

Frank was there representing the Vegan Elite.

There were about a hundred-plus folks and two-hundred-plus wheels.

They gave us a manifest with an extensive map of Oakland and Berkeley. As well as some free bike tools. I love free stuff.

The fastest route is as the gull flys. Ready. Set. Go!!!

From Lake Merrit, we had to ride to Indian Rock. It was about seven or eight hard miles. Bob killed it. He’s really fast. From there we rode together to Cordonices.

We had to slide down the slide.

From Cordo we had to go back to downtown Oakland. I was on my road bike because the fixed gear has a wrecked rear hub. But it was to my advantage for this leg. I bombed Euclid, campus and all the way town Telegraph pushing my hardest gear. I was in sixth by the time I got to Mama Buzz Cafe to draw a self-portrait on the sidewalk.

After that, we had to ride up hill to Lake Temescal and roll down a hill, then dizzily ride to a park off San Pablo. Then to Aquatic Park for the final leg. I didn’t take any pictures because I was trying to keep good time. But I did end up climbing two barb-wire fences with the pack of leaders to get into the park. I found Bob who was lost and we rode together to the finish line. I think my front wheel overlapped his rear as we crossed.

Bob is really fast for only riding a mile to work and back everyday. He came in 6th in fixed and 12th overall.

I came in just behind him–7th in road and 13th overall.

Daniel Stewart was just behind us. Despite having knee surgery just a couple of months ago, he got 8th in road and 14th overall. The Bombers pretty much killed it. Pretty good for a bunch of skateboarders.

Had to get my fixed fix on Bob’s whip.

What a badass crew!

This guy raced like a bat out of hell. Actually, he just looked like he did. He was pretty slow.

Here was the winner. I think his name was Jeff.

This was his bike. A damn mountain bike! He was good though.

Lots of nice bikes.

Hans’s bike. He’s got the ill spoke pattern.

Sean O’Laughlin was applying sunscreen. He’s very careful with his skin.

Frank post-race. He was fuming a little, but got over it for the photo.

Miguel reps Mondo Gelato.

We rode slowly back to the skateshop.

Greg was pretty haggard after the race.

Bob needed a good sit.

I have a habit of always saving my favorite photos for the end. Despite chronology.

Oakland Scrape was apparently the Eastbay’s first alleycat race. Super fun. See you next year.