Aaron King is a mover/shaker who likes to have lots of fun. He rented a car so we could get out of the city and “jump off some shit.” A beautiful day, why not? Outfitted with a Dodge Charger, some small swim trunks, and his friend Sara, we coasted over the Golden Gate Bridge in search of adventure.

This right here was our man. Calvin is from Marin and has a good grasp on all things fun in the area. He directed us to the Inkwells in addition to giving us four dozen bagels to go. Thanks, Calv.

The Inkwells is a series of pools on some river and this rad rusty bridge spans over it. Aaron and Sara went the hard way over.

And the easy way down.

Off the top? Why not?


Aaron’s always getting tangled in a web.


Hella steez.

Mandatory BFF jump. Sara ain’t skeered.

After the Inkwells, we decided to check out Kent Lake across the street. There was a barrier that would keep most riff-raff out, but not us. After the proper stretches of course.

Aaron totally ate it. Not really. We’re pros at jumping shit.

Sara got creative with her jeans while crossing the sludge into the spillway.

This thing was steep. We were just waiting for the water to come rushing down.

About half-way.

Utterly despondent, I jumped wishing a wind would take me away.

But then I saw this random shape in the sludge and regained hope.

One of my favorite things to do outdoors is throw rocks as hard as I can left-handed and yell, “I hate you, dummy.” It’s always a laugh.

Bees! Actually, there is no story behind this photo at all.

I caught this buzzard mid-flight.

Waiting for us to die. Too bad we were off to Napa.

As evening approached we made for the sunset up in Napa where Aaron’s sister has a vineyard and got there just in time for the golden hour.

These trees were incredibly smooth.

This was the setting for the final chapter of our day.

Sara got comfy on the Charger’s roof.

We brought a little picnic. The atmosphere here was far better than any restaurant Napa has to offer.

Mmmm. Bagel No. 14.

“Yeah, today was cool. I guess.”

Dandelions, take us home.

I wanted to blow it and make a very important wish. But it was just too beautiful. Sometimes you just have to let things be.