I should really post more than once a week, but I’m too busy doing blogworthy things to blog. Whatevs. . . .

Prelude to week 23: Happy 22nd Burrito, Liz.

Sunday of week 23, Vic and Zach Blue had a birthday pic-i-nic in the GGP. Andrea homemade vegan ice cream cookie sandwiches.

Picnickers. All of my favorite people that I looked up to when first moving to California were present.

Althea studied in her portable igloo.

Iha worked on her Cyndi Lauper make-up.

Someone came through with a water balloon launcher.

Sitting ducks.

That chocolate cake with all the raspberries was vegan. Aggghhhh. . . . .

Liz moved to a new spot in SF. We walked from her house to Tank Hill.

Nice view.

Liz says that her new house is right below the left cheek.

About to give up.

Collision. She was going 30mph.

We went to Clarion Alley and played this rad video game. Naked girls on unicorns are way better than Italian plumbers.

Dance with the Devil.

Colorful introspection.

After free Tuesday at the SFMoMA, we ate Vietnamese sandwiches at the Federal Banks.

Brian couldn’t resist some two-wheeled action.

The Herms played a free show. I watched the first three songs until the amp blew out and then caught the bus home. That’s what happens when things are free.

1. Since when do horses eat spaghetti? 2. Something ain’t write with the lower section.

Bop got poison oak on his face and swelled up huge.

Ran into Ben Weiner at three-up three-down. I’m really into portraits lately.

I used to work with Noelle at Oola. We ate burritos at Dolores Park because that’s just what you do.

She takes circus classes and showed me tricks.

Jihaari and Christie came to kick it.

Kari made it out in time for the bubbles.

Tommy and Sheeba.

This is a pretty terrible backlit photo but I felt like I had to post it because during the shooting Kari knocked a whole container of salsa into Jihaari’s bag. Great first impression, girl.

Jihaari on the way to Maggie Mudd’s.

Hallie and Aaron King made a grand entrance to the Born in June Extravaganza.

The line-up.

Danilo and Chad. Did I mention that Danilo is my biggest inspiration right now?

Adrienne made Best Friends cupcakes for the merch counter.

Julian hit those drums so hard and Kyle Lee documented it for Hartkeap. Such a positive support system those kids have.

Beanies, hoodies, jackets at the Born in June party. Summa Free City.

Katherine, Anya, Liz shakeface. It’s my attempt at reaching out to my North Carolina brethren.

Jihaari and Christie shake face.

Jesse takes the open mouth approach and Chloe just looks cute. That night was a turning point she says.

Cameron is completely off the ground here.

Happy Birthday, Brian. Throw those horns.

Chris Chu sang El Scorcho on top of putting together a damn good party/show. I hope they saved him a cupcake.

Kyle Lee showed off his drawings. I gotta get one before he gets too famous/expensive.

Get comfortable.

Yadri gives it up for fitness. End party.

Enter skateboarding. We only film wi
th point and shoots nowadays.

Ben, Jake and I talked about Revenge of the Nerds for a half hour.

See, I still skate.

But I wish I was a baller.