This is another installment of photos from the last month-and-a-half that should see the light of day.

Jilleen and I went to a fullpipe. Her board was en route to my head at the time of this photo.

Ghost ride that whip.


They call that a “get hurt.”

Peace out, stick.


This one was fake.

This one was real. It escaped from the kitchen. Mmmmm. Pigeon eggs.

Hallie visiting Chloe at office hours. Get that A+.

That’s the moon between my feet while swinging.

Liz spins on swings.

Julian getting vertical.

Bob getting extreme.

Vegan chocolate chocolate cookies courtesy of Kari and Anya.

Craft Night: We made vaginal valentines.

AK and Chloe show off their goods.

Hallie seems a little bitter.

Our guest appearance at the Graduate.

Don’t go.