This is a chronological collection of unrelated photos shot during the months of January and February.

Hallie ♥s Cameron.

Kari and Anya rep CZPi.

Yeah, Bro.


Katherine turned 23 and someone (unfortunately, not me) got her flowers.

Who wouldn’t want to sleep on this?

Family portrait.

Dustin and Chelsea are mesmorized by Femalia.

Julian and Metal Bob stroke it.


I still find new Bancroft Bombers graffiti in CZ. We rule.

This is some Chinese nut that blooms in water.

Ryan Red Rules.

The Morning Benders. Chris Chu had a heavy heart.

Rat bath.

Who loves AK and AK? They do.

Al Borland meets Eddie Vedder.

Naira had a rager.

Poor attempt at turning it into an underwear party.

I was working it f’real.

Adri, pre-hawk.

Cameron quit smoking. For the record.


Not vegan.

Bob’s birthday bike.


Adrienne and Gus awaiting our return.

The line-up.

Fire in the sky.

I rule at riding bikes.

Happy Twenty, boys.

Lord of the Flies.


Kari actually bought a mannequin bottom and named it Andre.

Bob was busy studying, but I persauded him to ride through the rain to eat at the dorm cafeteria with Eleanor.

He brought an umbrella. What a genius!

That’s badass.

Forget putting a bag over your seat, just lock up your umbrella.

Despite their names, Eleanor and Maureen are young.

Jamie came to visit and we went to Albany Bulb. Hi-5.

My homie.

Spinny things.

Hi, flag.

Sinead O’Connor said, “I’d kill a dragon for you.”

Diamonds to shamrocks.

Jamie at the castle.


Kari stylishly eating cereal.

Whatcha got there, AK?

Kari at Thai Temple.

Orrion blew it on the way to his Super Bowl Party.