What better way to say I love you than with a pillow to the face? On Valentine’s Day, I went with Liz and her friends from Boston, Greg and Arwen, to a random pillow fight organized through the internet and word of mouth. It was quite a spectacle. There were probably 250,000 people there. Or maybe 300. I’m bad at judging those kinds of things. When the clock at the ferry building struck six, everyone went at it. The little kids were the ones to look out for–totally vicious and too cute to hit back. Anyway, here’s what it looked like.

Bring da ruckus.

Kari getting angry.

It snowed feathers.

Virtual blizzard.

Liz was tenacious.

My pillow was a beautifully crotched piece purchased earlier that day at Goodwill for a wonderful cause. I left it.

Greg Beson was the Braveheart of pillow-fighting.

Good use for a dirty pillow.

For some reason, everyone just started laying down. I guess someone called bedtime.

love lightly.